Michael Patrick Vitale

We're going to do a Choose-Your-Own-Adevnture biography on me.  If you're the age of 12 years old (at heart), you may prefer the first version on page 247.  If you're below the "You Must Be This Tall To Ride" line on the amusement park sign, perhaps page page 33 will be your speed.  If you are any other variety of yourself, you may prefer page 27.  If you are a very serious person, and expect serious from those around you, go to page 333:

Page 333

The Hawkline Monster is singer/songwriter/producer Michael Patrick Vitale.  Having spent years performing under the name Mike Vitale (at local and regional venues, coffeeshops, bars, restaurants, resorts, corporate events, private parties, colleges, and universities) and having released a full length album called Idiosyncrasies and an EP entitled When Happiness and Home, under his own name, he decided to try something different in 2013 after successfully funding a new album using the crowdsourcing platform, Kickstarter.  This ended up becoming a brand new music project called The Hawkline Monster.  

The subsequent album is titled We Create and We Are Created  by The Hawkline Monster and features 11 of Michael's songs, which he produced himself with the help of musical friends all over Southern California.  The album was released digitally in 2013 and released on compact disc in 2014 at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, California.  

The Hawkline Monster has set up his own tours along the west coast playing wineries, venues, and colleges in support of his 2014 release, We Create and We Are Created.  In 2015, Michael released an americana tune entitled Running Away From Home and exclusively made it available for purchase on Bandcamp.  All proceeds from the song were donated to the Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Research Foundation as a one year long campaign to raise money for Parkinson's Research.  

The song is a story about him running away from home to be a werewolf when he was in Elementary School, after seeing the movie Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox.  On July 20th 2017, The Hawkline Monster re-released "Running Away From Home" on all streaming services such Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.  The single was also made available for purchase on all major digital distribution websites including iTunes, Amazon Music, and the like.

As of late, he has been garnering notoriety playing and hosting popular singer/songwriter nights such as Monday Monday at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles CA, as well as full sets at the same venue.

Michael is currently writing and producing his second album and is using the crowdsourcing platform, Patreon, to help fund his artistic endeavors.  

Page 247:

If you were to spin a globe of Earth and randomly put your finger down on the first thing it hits, it would most likely end up in the blue of an ocean. That very spot where you placed your finger is where you would find The Hawkline Monster and its music, having a salty cup of coffee with Jacque Cousteau, Paul Simon, Gordon Summers, The Beach Boys, Charlie Hunter, and practically every other person in its music catalogue at the moment that he fancies.  It's a deep list—probably just as deep as the Mariana Trench.

There they are.  Gathered around their table—just talking to each other—and hey, if you don't like what they've got to say, it's okay.  Maybe you should think twice about spinning a globe and putting your finger down just anywhere, mimsy-pimsy and such.  Shameful.  Anyway—where was I?  Oh yeah.  That's where you would find them all: sipping their drinks, sharing stories (well, as best they can—they're all under water), and drowning in an endless ocean of free association. Yeah, he sounds like that.

Page 33:

Michael Patrick Vitale is a singer/songwriter/performer/musician/doctor/producer/forward slash enthusiast, based out of Los Angeles, CA. When not preoccupied with other stuff, he enjoys short walks on long beaches with his two border collies, Border and Collie. He is certain that this sentence is useless, but also doesn't believe in absolutes.  The dogs may or may not be fictional.  All the other stuff is probably true—save for the doctor part.  That's total bullshit.

Page 27:

My parents named me Michael Patrick Vitale in 1979 at a hospital in Visalia, CA.  From what I understand, I urinated on the doctor shortly after my birth (bonus information—you're a sweepstakes winner—who knew?).  I started playing guitar when I was 14 years old.  I started singing when I was pretty young.  I blame the Beach Boys.  Someone gave me a cassette tape of "Endless Summer" and I couldn't stop listening to it.  I used to drive my parents nuts singing Beach Boys songs in the car.  Every harmony part.

I used to perform and write under the name Mike Vitale.  As of 2013, after a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund my last release "We Create and We Are Create," I started going by the name The Hawkline Monster, whether playing music solo acoustic or with a band.

At any rate, I have been a professional musician for a comfortable amount of time.  I spent a number of years performing covers at wherever would hire me.  However, in more recent years, I have noticed that people really enjoy the songs I write and perform, so I lean in the direction of performing my original material, by majority.  I play solo acoustic, as a duo, as a trio, and and in larger four piece and five piece arrangements, with a number of very talented musicians and friends that I respect and admire.

I have toured the country playing the music I write.  I play a lot of shows in Southern California as well.  I currently hang my hat in Los Angeles, California.

I use the name The Hawkline Monster for my music, because I am a big fan of literature.  I have a degree in English from California State University Fullerton.  Yes, I am a big Richard Brautigan fan.  He committed suicide September 14th 1984.  I was 5 years old at the time of his death and had no idea who he was.  Richard Brautigan was an amazing artist.  I wanted to name my musical artwork after one of his books, so that people might accidentally find his literature when looking for me.  He changed my life with his writing, and this is my way of saying thank you to him.

For your convenience, here is an extensive list of places I have played over the years.  This is not a complete list, but more to the point, I get around:


The Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles
The Yost - in Santa Ana
The Constellation Room - in Santa Ana
Room 5 - in Los Angeles
Rockwood Music Hall - in New York
The Cellar Door - in Visalia

California State University Fullerton
Fresno State University
Fresno City College
Portland State University
Clatsop Community College
College of the Sequoias
Seattle University
University of La Verne
University of Puget Sound
Clatsop Community College
Bakersfield College
Mt. Hood Community College

Callaway Motors Grand Opening
Edmunds.com Special Functions
Special Events on The Queen Mary - Delicious, New Years Eve, & Chill
Method Film Festival
ASR Trade Show
The Pike Summer Concert Series


The Hyatt Regency - in Long Beach, CA
Park Hyatt Aviara Resort - in Carlsbad
Pelican Hill - in Newport Beach (5 star luxury hotel)
The Four Seasons Doheny - in Beverly Hills (5 star luxury hotel)
Mr. C's Hotel - in Beverly Hills (5 star luxury hotel)
The Marriott Hotel - in Anaheim
The Queen Mary - in Long Beach


Savannah Chophouse - in Laguna Niguel
Zimzala - in Huntington Beach
Brasserie Pascal - in Newport Beach
Salt Creek Grille - in Dana Point
Sol Cocina - in Newport Beach
Dove Canyon Country Club - in Dove Canyon
Parker's Lighthouse - in Long Beach
McKenna's On the Bay - in Long Beach
The Beachfire - in Ladera Ranch and San Clemente
Jaqu's - in Huntington Beach
The Royal Hawaiian - in Laguna Beach
Luggatti's - in Huntington Beach
5th St. Bar and Grill - in Huntington Beach
The Blue Beet - in Newport Beach
Ocean Avenue Brewery - in Laguna Beach
Hennessey's - in Laguna Beach and Dana Point
Gordon James - in San Clemente
Sol Grill - in Newport Beach
Aurora - in Newport Beach
The Pint House - in Fullerton
Stubrik's Steakhouse and Bar - in Fullerton
The Whitehouse - in Laguna Beach
Infusion - in Ladera Ranch
Casa Ranchero - in Ladera Ranch
Pepz Pizza - in Anaheim Hills
The Fish Bucket - in Dana Point


Cafe Racer - Seattle, WA
The Observation Bar onboard The Queen Mary - in Long Beach
Wineworks For Everyone - in Mission Viejo
Versai Wine Bar - in Yorba Linda
Sebastiani's - in Huntington Beach
Stellar Cellar - in Temecula
The Commonwealth Lounge - in Newport Beach and in Fullerton
Mai Tai Bar - in Long Beach
Bourbon Street - in Fullerton
Fort Vines - in Yorba Linda
Aurora - in Newport Beach
We Olive - in Costa Mesa
OC Custom Wine - in Yorba Linda


The Village - in Irvine
The Irvine Spectrum - in Irvine
The Block - in Orange
Bella Terra - in Huntington Beach
The District - in Tustin
The Pike - in Long Beach
The Camp - in Costa Mesa